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Cooking is Like Science
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why We Need Fresh Air and Oxygen - Let The Fresh Air In!

  When I was a kid, in the 1960s, I lived up North for a long time. Kids were always outside playing. I spent quite a bit of time outside, except when it was snowing. It was normal to see a group of people playing softball in the street, or riding bikes.
   We moved down to Florida in 1965, and we were still outside much of the time. We definitely got our fresh air intake and exercise from riding bikes. But all that has changed.
  My children were born in the 80s and 90s. They spent some time outside, but most of their activities were done indoors. Maybe it was because it was so hot outside. Perhaps watching television or playing video games was more fun than riding bikes.
  I go to a clinic where were learn about the 5 M's of Maximized Living. They have to do with eating right, exercise, eliminating toxins, building muscles, and breathing clean air. But why is oxygen so important to us?
  There are two things human beings cannot live without for very long. One is water, and the other is oxygen. Water is necessary for our bodies to make blood with. If we go without oxygen for even a short length of time, we could die or our kidneys could shut down. Plus, our cells need to breathe, and they need oxygen for respiration.
  We need to have good, unpolluted oxygen in our lungs. With so much pollution in the air today, it is challenging to get clean air, but it can be done.
   Human beings breathe in oxygen, and give off carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide, and give off oxygen. It is good to live in an area where there are a lot of trees and plants, for this reason alone.
  With our artistically perfect, artificial world we live in, we are being cheated out of getting the real thing. If there is a choice to have a real tree or plant, or an artificial one, pick the real one. No oxygen can come from a plastic tree!
  There are ways we can even renovate our yards and homes, in order to make our ambience serve us. Edible landscaping is a way of gardening that not only produces food, but it makes the landscape look aesthetically acceptable. Plus, with all the green, lots of oxygen is being produced, which is beneficially to us as well as the produce.
   Clean oxygen and lots of oxygen is what we need. Clean food and water is necessary too. So, the tip for today would be to plant lots of plants. Also, when the weather isn't so hot, open the windows and doors if possible, to let the fresh air in. Let the stale air out and the new air into the house. Let the wash dry in the sun, or let it freeze dry, like they did in the days of 'Little House'.
Plant a tree in order to get oxygen!

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