Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Homemade Cereal - Much Better For You Than Boxed Cereal

  There is a saying, and I don't remember the exact words, of course, but it goes something like this; The longer the shelf life of a product, the shorter the person's life is, who uses that product. I know, I completely rephrased this, but you get the point.

 I want to buy less and less products that are on the shelves (conventional food), so, little by little, I am making my own. I use some items that are on the shelves, and some I make in my kitchen to remake typical cereal.

  I was never a cereal eater. My mom was so desperate for me to eat breakfast, that she made it into a game. Some of our bowls had a little mark on the bottom of the bowl. We were to eat our cereal and see if we could find this mark that she was talking about. I wasn't impressed. I found the mark once or twice and went back to not wanting to eat breakfast again.

  In case you haven't noticed the ingredient panel on cereal boxes, the main ingredient is sugar. The rest is processed with some additives to preserve, flavor, or color. There is very little nutrition in boxed cereal. Maybe it was a good thing after all, that I never ate my cereal when I was a kid.

 I think if a food is genuine, I can eat it now. Here is a basic recipe for a nourishing cereal:

Arrowhead Mills Spelt flakes or sweetened rice flakes
Assorted dried fruit  (I use dried cherries, dried peaches, dried dates, dehydrated bananas)
Soaked and dried nuts, chopped up

I just do everything to taste and don't measure. I like a lot of fruit, so I put (probably more than I should) a good amount of dried fruit on. The soaked and dried nuts are made from a recipe in 'Nourishing Traditions' cookbook. You soak the nuts for 12 hours and dry them for 8 hours (or the other way around!) They have to be soaked so they can be properly digested. I use mainly almonds for this, but walnuts are great too!

  You can get Arrowhead Mills cereals through Costco has a good selection of nuts.

  You can use oatmeal or other grains too, but they must be soaked for many hours if you want to use them in cooking or eating.

   When it is all finished, I pour raw milk on it. Yummmmm!

The new 'Breakfast of Champions'?

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