Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
Cooking is Fun & Healthful!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Safety Tips and Confession

I have a health tip and a concern today. Actually, I have a couple of tips and I will start with those.

* Make sure you remember to blow out all candles before going to bed.
* Take off the lint off the lint filter in the dryer.
* Open the windows and let fresh air into the house
* Try to minimize the use of the microwave.

Anyway, what I want to write is something I am concerned about. I am researching and studying how food affects the body and ultimately our health. I would love to be a food expert and would enjoy making the decisions of what foods are good for you and which ones are bad for you. This would serve my family, but I would love for whatever I learn, to be able to share it with others. But I also know there is a danger in doing this.

  Some things are controversial, and knowledge of certain subjects requires change on the parts of the hearers. For example, the Gospel is a message that, when applied to one's life correctly, will change the person's destiny forever. But it will also require the person to be willing to change in many areas. This is hard, and this reason is why many resist the Gospel message. Not only is the message rejected, but the person who shares it is also perceived as some kind of angel or deity. All kinds of wrong assumptions are made, and people get angry at those who are ministering the Gospel and accuse them of being 'holier than thou'.

  It is possible for the person sharing the Gospel to be proud, and to present the message in an insensitive way. That doesn't change the validity of the message. The message is separate from the person. The person sharing the message is not God. If anyone acts like they are God, that is pride. The person sharing the Gospel doesn't really understand the Gospel very well.

   But when it comes to food, this same thing can happen. With knowledge, pride can set in. If knowledge does not get applied, it will result in pride. "Knowledge puffs up but love edifies."

  I spend a lot of time learning about nourishment, how to cook properly, how to build a good immunity system, how to remove toxins (or minimize them), how to separate good food from bad food, etc. I think my heart wants to learn these things, not only for me and my family, but I want to share them with others. I want people to be able to prevent cancer. I want to see people live to be 105 and not be in a nursing home. Yet, I know because we live in a system that is ruled by people with an agenda, that it is not easy to incorporate principles that will help us.

   What I want people to understand is, I am not at a level of this standard of health that I am promoting. What I realize, is that, everything in life is a process. It is not like you learn to eat right, and then all of the sudden you are eating perfectly well, and never get sick. That is not reality. I have ideas of what the standard of good health is, but I am nowhere near that level.

  Please do not feel condemnation from me if you aren't living up to any kind of perceived standard. I am putting this information out for my benefit and yours, but it doesn't come overnight for any of us.

   I have had friends with cancer, and I have wanted to help them with the things I have learned. I will ask their permission to share and help. If they don't want it, I will leave them alone. I care enough about my family and friends to learn what is best, but I am not going to condemn anyone who doesn't want help.

   So, what I am trying to say is that, with knowledge, pride can come, and also misunderstandings about motives. If I know a lot about nourishment as it relates to food preparation, I don't want any of my friends to feel like I am a threat to them, if they do not want to change. Every day is an experiment day for me. I learn new things every day. Just because I know these things does not mean I have reached a standard of perfection that others haven't reached yet.

  I love what Mark Cahill says about evangelism. He is a seasoned evangelist and is very skilled at what he does. But he will tell you that every day he practices evangelism. When we learn something new, we put it into practice. It doesn't make us better than anyone else. It doesn't put us at an unattainable level.

  So, when I write all of these blogs, please remember that I am just a learner like everyone else. Please do not feel threatened when you are around me. If I come off in a prideful way, please tell me. I just 'practice' whatever I learn that is based upon truth. Each day I grow a little more in my understanding of life. Hopefully, I will be able to share with others what I learn. And I don't have to have a perfect grasp on something before I share it with others.