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Cooking is Like Science
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Disadvantages Of Industrialized Food For Us And For Our Livestock - Part 2

   This will be a series of mini messages. I could write a book on this subject, but writing it in blog format makes it impossible to write everything on one page. The reason I am even writing this is ultimately, that my readers will have a foundational understanding of what has gone wrong in the health industry and why people in our country are not healthy today. There is an underlying reason, and it might take many posts to lay the foundation, but I think you will appreciate this information.

   There are so many things wrong with our commercial food system, and if we don't pay attention, there will be some bad ramifications coming about. In order to understand what I am explaining here, you have to understand the kind of culture we live in, and what has happened to make it the way it is today.
   First, some terminology learning will be helpful. We need to learn what the word, 'pragmatic' means. The definition given by explains pragmatic as being based on practical judgments rather than principles. Pragmatic people want a quick answer and tend to be short sighted. They do not have a long term vision for something. If it works today, that's what we want. We are not interested in finding out bad news that will happen in the future, if we do this very thing. We aren't going to take the time to study and research the long term effects on something. If we do find something wrong, or a bad result that will come because of the use of a particular thing, we don't want to know. If we find out, then we will be accountable and responsible for change. That would cost us way too much money.
  That is the problem right now. Is is any wonder the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil? The FDA works hand in hand with Monsanto, and they work together with the American Medical Association and other groups supported by government funding. For instance, Michael Taylor was a lawyer for Monsanto, as well as the head of the FDA. If a person like Michael Taylor who has such authority in these groups, is a person who lacks judgment, then we all are going to suffer because of the decisions that he will make. So, the FDA not only approves adding fluoride to our drinking water, but has also made it mandatory. Most other countries forbid this practice, but no amount of reasoning with the FDA will change their minds. Fluoride may help protect our teeth from decay, but at the same time, it is very toxic and it is a carcinogen. Brushing our teeth will also protect decay from happening in our mouths. One teaspoon of fluoride is enough to kill 20 children. Another issue that is being approved and is gaining momentum in becoming mandatory is that of genetically modifying organisms. GMO as it is known by, is not a way to help feed people in Third World countries. Genetically modified food has little nutritional value and, in time, will end up preventing local farmers and gardeners from being able to produce their own food. The goal is to produce mass quantities of food, at the least expense possible. That it does, but, not without cost to us. We need food that has nutritional value to it, not tampered with seed production which produces tons of non-valuable food. Unfortunately, the government fully supports this activity, even with the knowledge of the harm it will bring. 
   O.K. I didn't forget the vet story. It is found in Mother Earth News, June/July 2014 issue. A veterinarian named Will Winter, who lives in Minnesota, got tired of taking care of sick cows. These cows were fed a diet of ground grain and protein meal, a perfect example of food that has been mass produced to feed many cows, but lacking nutritional value. All the cows have gotten sick from being on this diet. But Will Winter has taken these sick cows to an established pasture where they can roam and the cows can eat grass, brush, and woody stuff (not sure what that is, but whatever it is, it is natural). The cows always got better when they were brought to this type of pasture. Instinct tells the cows that they need minerals, and that these minerals are found in the roots of these plants that grow in this pastureland. 
   Stay tuned for the next part in this series. We will cover 'hidden hunger'; what it is, who has it and why, and some cures for it.


The Disadvantages of Industrialized Food For Us And Also For Our Livestock

  (I originally wrote this as a whole article, but it is way too long to put it into this blog. I am going to divide it up in parts, or put it on another blog and summarize it here.)

   I am not sure which blog page I should put this on, so I may put it on more than one. Is it a political issue, or a health issue? It's really both. You will see why in a moment.
   I have been watching a Youtube video called, 'Back To Eden' gardening. I am not quite sure where the guy is coming from theologically, but he definitely sees God's handiwork in fruits and vegetables! This man explains how to do a garden naturally, which will end up using very little work effort. This man can grow all kinds of food that aren't supposed to grow in his area. All of nature works together in his yard to grow a lot of food.
   There are so many things wrong with our commercial food system, and if we don't pay attention, there will be some bad ramifications coming about. In order to understand what I am explaining here, you have to understand the kind of culture we live in, and what has happened to make it the way it is today.
 I am going to end the article here for today. I did want to point out something I saw in the video 'Back To Eden' tour. The farmer, who is totally natural and organic, had some excellent points. I am going through this video on a continual basis to become familiar with this method of gardening. One example of what he shares is with his dog not eating store bought organic carrots. The dog loves vegetables from the garden. But when offered carrots, even ones which are labeled 'organic' the dog would not eat them. Why? Because the dog is able to smell poisons and chemicals that are on the vegetables, and by instinct, he knows not to eat them. The farmer actually called the carrot company to ask about the carrots, and was told that the carrots are sprayed with some kind of chemical before being bagged. Why would organic carrots have poison on them? According to the farmer, these organic carrots, which look very pretty and clean, are sprayed with some type of cleaner. It actually causes the carrots to be slimy. I have also heard about those pretty little short carrots they sell in bags in the produce section. They are labeled organic. But, they are washed in bleach water. Yes, they really are organic carrots, but there is no law that says you can't spray or soak the organic carrots in bleach water. When I found this out, I was disappointed, for I have often bought these carrots at the store.
Dogs know intuitively
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More to come. I'll share about the vet who got tired of treating sick cows and how he cured them with a simple answer.