Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
Cooking is Fun & Healthful!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Amazing Feat Of Making Cheddar Cheese

As I look through my cookbooks on making cheese, I learned to accept the fact that making hard cheese, like cheddar, is not something I can do in 10 minutes. But I got brave and collected all the ingredients and necessary utensils, and got busy last week. It can also be expensive to make cheese, so I broke the rules and cut the recipe in thirds. That way, I won't have wasted so much money if it doesn't turn out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ingredients That Can Be Helpful and Healthful

I have been thinking about writing a blog about the ingredients that people can take to help them to be well physically. I'll write a few things here as they come to mind. Feel free to send in comments on ideas that you have on ingredients people can take in order to gain health.

1. Natural antibiotics - garlic, oil of oregano, colloidal silver
2. Beneficial oils - Olive oil, coconut oil
3. Probiotics - Fermented food, yogurt, kefir, kombucha,
4. Superfoods - walnuts, blueberries
5. Supplements - fish oil, vitamin D3, COQ10, 
6. Other ingredients - glutathione, CLA, apricot kernels
7. Meats/Fish - Grass fed beef, Red salmon

There are quite a few more things and as I remember them, I will write them in. I will also expound on them at a later date.
  One other thing that is not really something to be listed, as much as something to be noted; Food in America has undergone genetic modification (GMO) and as a result, much of the food produced in this country has little nutritional value left in it. Engineers develop seeds using genetic modification in order to make food look or taste a certain way. It also enables more food to be grown. Basically, it makes a way for the food industry to provide food for all the companies that are under them. It fails to take into consideration, the fact that there are certain things that are necessary for the result of food to be nourishing and beneficial to the consumer. It benefits the companies that utilize the industrialization of food, but not the people who are eating it.
  Here is an interesting fact; I have heard this a couple of times recently; people who have an intolerance to gluten, can eat bread while in another country. One person explained that she could eat bread while she was in Italy, but not here in America. The same is true for a person who visited Brazil. Do you know why this is? I don't have any test results from this, but I can only imagine that people can eat bread from other countries, because the wheat grown in other countries is not genetically modified. That is the possible reason people in America suffer from leaky gut syndrome as well. This is just my opinion based on what I have recently heard and learned about.

Why Is Paying Attention To Our Health So Important?

   You might wonder why people put such a high price tag on their health. Honestly, there could be a lot of reasons why they do this. It could be that their health is always on their mind. It might be that they are afraid of dying or having a terrible, painful disease.
  Just how much of a priority should taking care of our bodies have? Here is the way I look at it; We live in America in the 21st Century, and things are very different than they were in the past. Our society wants everything in a hurry. The things that appeal to us and to our senses are the things we going after. For example, if you are in a grocery store, and you are going to buy some apples to make a pie with, and you look at the apples, which ones would you pick? Would you pick the dull green ones, or would you prefer the shiny, bright red ones? How about carrots? There are some nice, dull looking ones with an organic label on them, or there are cut up carrots, that look like they have just come out of the dishwasher. What we don't realize is that the shiny red apple is that way because of some additives to the soil when the tree was bearing fruit and they were waxed to make them look shiny, and that the carrots were cut up and put into bleach water to make them look bright and clean (and appealing). The point is, we go after what appeals to our eyes and senses.
   We are a sick people though. We are spiritually unhealthy as well as physically ill. When I was a child, occasionally a person had cancer. Cancer meant death was sure. When my dad had cancer, statistically speaking, one in four people would get cancer. Today, about half the people will have cancer sometime during their lifetimes.
   Not only is cancer a problem, but now we are afraid of getting the flu. There is a flu bug going around and its a nasty one. I see people running to their pharmacies to get their flu shots.
  So do we run around like a chicken whose head was just chopped off? Why do we want to avoid all these sicknesses and is there a way to do it?
   Not only do we succumb to cancer and the flu, but there are a myriad of other diseases today that we are prone to get. Alzheimer's, Dementia, MS, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Headaches, Viruses, Heart Attack, Stroke, Allergies, Emphysema, and many, many more.
  If we don't have a way to prevent these sicknesses, they will invade our lives. Not only will we be sick, but we won't have the energy or strength to do what God has called us to. We won't be able to live out the abundant life God has given us.
   We are physically sick, because we live in a toxic world. We have compromised immunity systems. Our immunities are not strong enough to fight the sicknesses that come our way. The devil holds out to us the temptation to have an easy, happy life by selfishly indulging in convenience and appearance. Instead of taking the time to prepare a nourishing meal for our families, we pick something up at the grocery store or open a box or can and put the contents in the microwave, and we think we are serving our families well! I'll be the first to admit, this is much of how I did things for most of my married life. I know how easy it is to do this! But is it really serving our families if we continue to do this, day in and day out?
   What do you want to be in your old age? Do you want to follow God's call on your life and serve Him when you are old? Or do you want to be in a nursing home, not remembering who your children are?
  It is true that we can make this subject of health into an idol. That is not a good thing to do. But to become informed on how we can best take care of our bodies and take preventive measures from developing sicknesses will serve us all the days of our lives on earth. Then we can concentrate on what God wants us to do and how we can serve Him and others more effectively.
   There are basically 5 things to look into when we want to learn how to improve our health. They are called, 'The Five Essentials' of Maximized Living.
1. Maximized Mind
2. Maximized Nerve Supply
3. Maximized Quality Nutrition
4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle
5. Minimized Toxins
This page with explain each one in more detail: Maximized Living

   We want to get rid of as much of the toxins as we can, plus some exercise and proper nutrition are necessary too. The goal is to get rid of toxins that produce inflammation, which compromises our immunity systems and makes it easy for us to get sick and stay sick. We want to get well so we can think clearly in our old age and be as mobile and independent as possible.
   In closing, I think about how my great grandmother died. She was 95 and lived on her own, but in a community where there were other people around to check on each other. She was fine on New Years Eve in 1985. Her friend checked on her the next day, and found her dead in a chair. Her body just expired! She had lived a life without much sickness, and lived until the last day of her life on earth without suffering or having the difficulties of aging, as people have today. That is the ideal way to go!
But my dad died a year before that, and he succumbed to cancer. Having cancer is terrible. It is a dreadful disease. My dad was very young when he died. He lived for two months after the cancer was found, but it was a horrible experience to watch. That is what we want to prevent from happening, as much as we have the power to do so. That is why I am writing this blog!
   All of us will die one day. We will be in eternity. Our lives will be like a drop in a bucket. The Bible describes our lives as a vapor. When you lived a full life, you realize just how true that statement is. Our lives are only a few days compared to eternity. We are born. We do our own thing. And suddenly, we aren't here anymore! But what do you think happens after we die? I have a couple of pages that talk about this subject if you are interested in finding out answers to questions like this. The Gospel Conversation  and The Good Person Test . Also, for children,

Colloidal Silver - Very Beneficial

  I have recently seen some articles on the benefits of Colloidal Silver, but have always been hesitant to start using it (who wants to put silver into their body? Sounds dangerous to me.) Well, I have seen pictures of Silver generators you can order from , along with the raving reviews. As I was reading through my email today, I came across another article someone wrote on how to use colloidal silver as a vegetable wash. Here is the recipe for it (Credit goes to Jim Kennard):

 Use a colloidal silver solution of between 5 to 10 ppm (parts par million).
(The colloidal silver machine listed above will do a great job of making that
for you.)

 Mix together:
 - 1 cup water
 - 1/2 cup vinegar
 - 1/2 cup colloidal silver

 Soak produce for 5 minutes, rinse and use as normal.

Kombucha is Ready

   Here is a picture of my Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented drink that is full of probiotics. It is very healthful, especially for the digestive system. If it is fermented properly, it tastes similar to apple cider. Sometimes, the taste is very sour though and is hard to drink. I'm going to test mine out in a little while and get ready for the next batch. The base of the drink is English Breakfast Tea, although you could use other teas as well. But Kombucha doesn't work with herbal teas, only black or green teas without additives. I even have directions for using Kombucha with coffee! You can find information about culturing Kombucha at