Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
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Monday, July 7, 2014

A Very 'Cultural' Day

  I don't know if I am hungry or if I am just in the mood to do cooking, but I have accomplished many things today in the kitchen.
  I have been wanting to make soaked bread for a couple of days now. I am trying to not have to buy bread from the store any more, or just to buy it less often. Of course, that means I will have to make my own. I can't get behind on it either, because, well, when we need bread, we need bread (or, we knead bread!). If I don't plan ahead, I will either have to run out to the store and get some bread from the bakery department, or, I will have to make a loaf quickly using the bread machine. But that defeats the purpose of eating soaked bread. You just don't get the benefits from bread if the grains are not soaked first.
   I have been wanting to make cheese for some time now, and I came across a recipe for Farmer's Cheese. It doesn't look too hard to make, but I have to have buttermilk made ahead of time in order to make the cheese. One more thing to prepare that I didn't plan on. Guess the cheese will have to wait another day now, so I can make the buttermilk tomorrow.
  I can't make buttermilk tonight, because whenever you make a cultured product, you can have only one cultured product culturing in a room. If you have more than one culture in the same room, strains of the yeast will contaminate the other cultures. So, if I am making yogurt, which I did the other day, I should not have buttermilk culturing on the counter in the same room.
  Tonight I am running out of room. I got all of the ingredients for the bread to soak, and I put that mixture in a big, glass measuring cup, and set it on a table in the back room.
  One of the things I do when I get some raw cream, is to make cultured butter with it. I took some raw cream and sprinkled some mesophilic starter on top of the cream. It has to sit on the counter for 24 hours, then I will put it in the fridge for 6 hours before I whip it up into butter!
  I found a can of nuts and decided to soak them in water with a little salt, then I will dry them for several hours in the dehydrator. Maybe I can make that into nut butter. I put the nuts that are soaking, on a chest in the hallway, so they can soak without being contaminated by the other cultures.
  I would put things in the dining room, but that is where the kombucha is fermenting. That has to be separate from all the other cultures as well.
  The most interesting thing I am culturing is called the 'ginger bug'. It is necessary to have when making homemade root beer, which I have just ordered the ingredients to make this root beer. I have to feed it for several days, and it should become bubbly at some point.
  Here is the list of things that are fermenting or soaking:
1. Dough for the soaked bread
2. Nuts to dry
3. Cultured butter
4. kombucha
5. the Ginger Bug

  Tomorrow, we possibly will make homemade cream cheese! By the time the cheese has to hang, everything else should be finished culturing, so I will have a place for the cheese to drain all night.
Guten Appetit!

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