Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Homemade Root Beer - A Fizzy Experiment!

          I did it. After all these years, I made root beer from scratch! I found a good recipe from Wellness Mama, and followed the directions as given. Of course, we will not be able to find the complete results until late tomorrow night as you can start testing it two days after it has been bottled.

  Will it be flat, or will it explode? I received a gift certificate for and decided to invest in  bottles and the ingredients, which were a little on the expensive side.

           So, after boiling the mixture (which contained the sassafras bark, wintergreen leaf, allspice, and cinnamon chunks in filtered water) for 15 minutes or so, the water turned the right color! Then I added the other ingredients and strained the liquid and poured it into the bottles. I want to make another batch of this as I could drink root beer all day. Root beer goes great with Pizza, and even though I do not advocate drinking soda with a meal, I think there is something safe about drinking homemade root beer with a meal, occasionally.

  This root beer recipe is a probiotic drink as well, which means it contains probiotics which can help put good microbes into your gut. The reason why it is probiotic is because of the 'Ginger Bug' I made to put into the root beer mixture. Grated ginger is placed in filtered water with sugar. Each day, a little more sugar and grated ginger is added to the mix. It should be bubbly in 5 days, and can be used, or, it can be refrigerated and brought out at another time to use. Wellness Mama has recipes for both the root beer and the 'Ginger Bug'.

Homemade Root Beer as it Ferments

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