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Cooking is Like Science
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Can Americans Become Healthy Again?

   Years ago, the word 'cancer' meant an automatic death sentence. Sadly, although many advances have been made, it is still a scary word. More people get cancer today, in America, than ever before. Many are prone to diabetes, and Lyme Disease is even becoming more widespread. Isn't there anything we can do to help us prevent sicknesses?
  I believe there is an answer. I have heard, many times where people who are 'gluten intolerant' can go to another country and eat bread without any problem. People have come up with valid cures for cancer, but they go to prison. The point is, there is hope.

   The best way to not get sick is to prevent the sickness in the first place. Modern medicinal thinking would lead us to believe that sickness is inevitable, and that we treat it whenever we get sick, but there really is a better way.

   I have heard of people beating cancer by eliminating certain types of food items, such as sugar, from their diets. We have a friend who is beating Chron's Disease by this same type of diet. No preservatives, no sugar, no white flour products (in America today, we also include all grain products, possibly due to GMO or the wheat being sprayed with toxic chemicals).

  I have a page on Facebook called, 'I Can Be Cancer Free' which discusses different ways people have beat cancer.

   On the page, whenever I find articles of how someone beat cancer, I will post the article. I have read where people have been cured from cancer by using baking soda. I have heard other stories of different things people did to get rid of cancer. There is a science behind everything that happens in our bodies, and there are scientific ways of working with our bodies to prevent sickness.

I Can Be, Cancer Free

   If you are a reader and read current health articles, you may find conflicting information. Sometimes, it is done intentionally, such as the modern American medical groups, who find natural advances to curing cancer disturbing. But there are other difficulties as well. For example, strawberries are very good for you to eat. So, while you are eating your strawberries, you might want to be aware of the fact that strawberries are heavily sprayed with insecticides. Years ago, while being on a bird email list, I read about a woman's parrot that died because it ate an apple. She explained that the bird ate the part of the apple closest to the core. I would have thought that the skin of the apple would have been worse, but as she explained how the chemical, whether it was an herbicide or pesticide, I don't know, was taken in by the tree's roots and the core of the apple was where the toxin settled. I think that if my bird is ever to get apples, I would make sure they are organic before she eats them. But, other than the spray, apples are excellent for nourishment.

   You may have heard that milk is bad for you. You might have seen commercials where milk is good for you. Who is right? Actually, in a sense, both are. In the olden days, before milk was pasteurized and homogenized, it was very good to drink. Today though, most milk is pasteurized, homogenized, and has additives to it. Also, the cow from where the milk came from, has probably had growth hormones and antibiotics given to her. The farmers on large commercial dairies do that to protect the cow from getting diseases and also the growth hormones help the cow to be bigger, and also to produce more milk. But it isn't good for people to drink milk from such cows. Could this be a reason why girls begin puberty earlier than their grandmothers did?

   Raw milk, on the other hand, is an excellent source of nourishment. The more cream it has, the more nourishing it is. Of course, too much of anything will put on weight! Also, it depends upon what the cow has eaten, and if the cow has been given antibiotics and growth hormones. Usually, the farmers who leave their milk raw, also do not give growth hormones or antibiotics to their cows, but it is wise to check anyway, just to make sure. Grass fed cows produce top-notch milk. Do not let any health articles scare you on the so called, 'dangers of raw milk'.

   Yes, there are many things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. It is a matter of choice, and for some, it will be a hard choice. With all the information we have available to us on preventing sickness, it is amazing to see the lines at the fast food restaurants as I go to the chiropractor (health clinic). It's hard to give up junk food, and some would rather hold on to it, and die early. That is a choice we all have to make in America today. Do I want to live long, and die a natural death when my time comes, or do I want to die early of a horrible, painful disease at a younger age?

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