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Cooking is Like Science
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How To Beat Cancer - What The FDA Doesn't Want You To Know

I am on a lot of 'health' type mailing lists on the internet, and I feel like I have gone to college by the time I get done reading the many articles that come to me, especially the ones on health and healing.

   In 1985, my father died of cancer. We were not ready for this. It never entered any of our minds that my dad would go to a doctor in August, because of a pain in his shoulder (must have really been painful, for my dad would never have gone to a doctor), and that we would lose him in January. By the time we knew he had cancer, it was almost too late to do anything, because he had already lost his appetite.

   In 1985, there was no known cure for liver cancer. If you were diagnosed with liver cancer, the doctors gave you no hope (outside of a miracle). People who got liver cancer, were either people who lived in an Asian country, worked with certain chemicals, or drank liquor. My dad didn't really have any of those qualifications, except that he went to Korea for the Korean War.

   My dad and mom opted for the chemo treatments. There was no guarantee that chemo would cure my dad. There were no other options though, so he went on chemo and became very ill. I believe that the chemo made his death come earlier than it would have if he would not have had chemo.

   During the time after we found out he had cancer, I began to do some research. The only place where you could get any holistic information, was at the health food store. I picked up a book that was about macrobiotics. The book told the story of an actor who was on the A-Team, who beat cancer by eating foods that were categorized as macrobiotic. I still can't remember what all that was about, but was always intrigued when I would hear a cancer story of a person who beat cancer.

    The Internet came out when my son was 2. Of course, we couldn't figure out how to use it until years later. Now I sit hear and collect email everyday from health organizations, companies, groups, and emailing lists, which bare much information on health. I always wanted to be a dietitian, and maybe this is how it will come to pass.

   I am posting a link to a story of a woman whose father had beaten cancer by eating certain foods which help combat cancer. On her page, there are links to other pages with recipes, and more information on how to beat cancer by eating properly.

    Katie's dad had terminal cancer, and was given a series of chemo treatments. He survived the cancer and you can read the story for yourselves at this link :

 If you are on Facebook, you can join my page called, 'I Can Be Cancer Free' at

Here is a book, which I have not personally read yet, but looks promising:

Another one is:

     Should you or a loved one ever hear the terrible words from a doctor, saying, "I'm sorry. There's nothing more we can do", please don't feel doomed! I watched a video of 5 different people who had terminal cancer and all 5 were able to beat cancer. The first man had brain tumors. He was at the stage of his life where he wasn't even functioning. During this last stage of his life, he did much research and put what he learned into practice. He is now fully recovered and living a normal life. But how can a man who is in the last stage of cancer even survive?

   The reason why we don't survive cancer is simply because we are all part of the 'system', which means basically, that today, in America, everything we do, the way we live, the food choices we make, the health choices we make, and even what we believe will work or won't work, are based out of a philosophy which causes us to believe that we are supposed to buy food from a grocery store, visit a doctor when we get sick, go to a hospital when we get cancer or pneumonia, and take certain medicines for certain illnesses. It's like a chain of disaster waiting to happen. The food we buy from the grocery store, we buy it because we don't know there are other options. We assume ever since time began, people went to grocery stores and bought their supplies to put together meals, but that is not what happened. Grocery stores are a fairly recent invention (1946), with the intention of making our lives easier, and for those in the upper management levels of the grocery chain, to make a lot of money. I am not saying here that it is wrong to go to a grocery store, or to a doctor when we are sick. But what Americans want today, will sell in the grocery stores. Grocery stores will sell items that people are buying. If people stopped buying certain things, the store would stop selling them.

   Americans want food that is attractive, easy to prepare, cheap, and very tasty. The problem is, we can have that because those who work for the Big Ag industry are banking on this, and that is what is produced in our food factories and Industrialized farms. Problem is, there is very little nourishment in this kind of food, and many additives and chemicals are part of the food we eat that is processed and sold in grocery stores. Even in the produce section, it is dangerous because much of the produce is sprayed with toxins to protect from bug damage.

   You might be thinking, 'What other methods can farmers use then, to protect their crops, and to make their food big and pretty?' There are other methods, but they take a lot of work, and work is something that Americans today avoid like the plague.

   There was an article on the Internet explaining why organic gardening wasn't all that great. I don't even remember what the reasons were, but a friend who had read the article caught something the article said, that was interesting. The article pointed out the organic gardening was bad for us because it involved pulling weeds by hand, and the article continued saying that we should not subject our women to having to do such hard work.

    Which is easier, do you think; Pulling weeds out of a garden on a regular basis, or, taking care of a spouse or loved one who is dying of cancer?

   The answer to the food dilemma is simply to support our local farms. Many farmers today are moving toward organic gardening/farming. Farmers love their farms and their animals, and want to produce the best food for everyone they sell to. You won't find that in Industrialized farming though. Cows are tied to posts to stand in the same area every day. Chickens do not even see the light of day. Imagine, you are eating chickens who have never seen sunlight. Do you know what kind of mental affect happens when people do not ever see sunlight? Do you know the affect of what happens in a person's body because of his or her never seeing sunlight? And the chickens we buy at the store haven't seen sunlight (which provides vitamins), have been given antibiotics, and growth hormones.

   Why do they give chickens growth hormones? Well, it makes the chicken a lot bigger, in a much shorter period of time. What does that reveal? That reveals the fact that we are not willing to take time to produce a good product. We are pragmatic. We want something, and we want it now! Plus, people will buy fat chickens and it puts lots and lots of money into the pocketbooks of those who work for Industrialized farms.

   You could take some chickens and feed them the proper diet and let them grow the way they should. It would just take longer and it could only be done on local farms. But did you know that the FDA is not thrilled about local farms, and governmental authorities have shut down organic farms, especially those which sell raw milk (which, according to the 'authorities' is 'dangerous').

  I know this involves politics, but if we don't see what is going on, eventually we will have no local farms. Farmers today are discouraged because of the pressure on them to comply with rules they don't agree with. But the farmers are beginning to fight back, and I believe if they continue, we will be ok and will still be able to have many local farms which are producing food that is fit for us to eat.

   So, in short, we have produced a society which prizes convenience, taste, appearance, and cost, and have traded that in for the nutrition that we could have, if we were to have continued cutting out the Middlemen and just buying our food from tables at the farmer's markets. We have been cheated out of nutrition, and have placed additives, chemicals, growth hormones in our food instead, in order to have the luxuries of today.

   The missing nutrition is the key reason why we are sick. The FDA knows this, and has come up with the answer in the pharmaceutical industry. You eat food lacking in nutrition. You get sick, You go to the doctor and get a prescription. You feel better. You recover and go out and buy more food that is lacking in nutrition. You get sick again. Do you see what is happening here? You are a product of the 'system' but the good news is, you don't have to stay there!

   We are a very sick people, and it is not without reason. Don't let people tell you that cancer is genetic. All of us have cancer cells in our bodies, but we can keep them from becoming active by eating properly, moderate exercise, breathing in clean air, and building up our immunities.

  Some steps we can begin to take; Buy food from local farms when possible, buy raw milk and dairy products made from raw milk, eliminate white sugar and white flour from our diets as much as possible, eat fruits and vegetables that have been grown organically and have not been sprayed with pesticides, take vitamin D-3, fish oil, COQ10, and DHEA for supplements (make sure they are from a pure company). Also, I highly recommend Juice Plus+ which helps a person get the nourishment from the recommended 13-17 servings of fruit and vegetables we need daily. Juice Plus+ and go to the tab 'Clinical Research' and find the results of many, many tests that have been done, showing the power of Juice Plus in keeping us healthy and building our immunities . Also, if possible, grow some of your own food. You can get a bean sprouting kit and grow your own sprouts to add to salads or recipes (Sprouting is really easy). Start a small garden. It can expand over time.

   Yes, with all the chemicals and additives in our foods, it is no wonder we are a sick people. The cancer rate is one out of every two males will get cancer in their lifetimes. If this trend continues, cancer will be 100%. That is what everyone will die from. Do you want to die from cancer, or would you rather live a full life and die at a ripe old age from natural causes?

  One more quick note: With all the recent knowledge of health issues, and all the articles being posted on the Internet, the FDA and other such groups are coming back with their versions of why the new health discoveries aren't working. They will tell people that GMOs are good for the world, and that vitamins and supplements are not necessary and are harmful. They will tell you that colloidal silver is bad for you, and they will promote the American Cancer Society, which they will never admit to the fact that the ACA had not come close to finding a cure for cancer. Problem is, they never will, for if they did, and people were actually cured from cancer, guess what? The pharmaceutical companies will take a big financial loss. Think about how much money comes in because of people needing chemo and pain killers. If that were gone, a lot of people would be layed off and would lose their jobs, but can you imagine how many other decent jobs could be created, if everyone were healthy and felt good enough to do whatever it is that they were designed to do?

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