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Cooking is Like Science
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make Your Voice Known - Ask Store Clerks The Hard Questions

     I have started asking questions of those who work in the stores. I love the meat department especially. The questions I ask the butchers seem to be too hard for them to answer, but it gives them something to think about and take those questions back to their managers if they hear them enough.
   I could imagine a business meeting composed of those who work at the store I shop at. It might go like this:
  Produce Clerk: Does anyone here know if the corn is.. I think the lady said GMO? Anyone know what GMO stands for?
  Produce Clerk 2: Come to think of it, I kind of remember a couple of people asking something about GMOs. I don't know what they are either.
  Meat Clerk: GMO is Genetically Modified something. I had a few people asking that about the meat. The main request I keep hearing is for grass-fed beef. What's up with the grass-fed beef? Why is it becoming so popular?
  Butcher: I had someone call and ask if there were some kind of growth hormone in the beef? Heck, how do I know what they do with the cattle? What's the deal here? Meat is meat.
  Manager: Maybe we need to look into these things. If enough people are talking about them, then we need to be one step ahead and do our homework.

  I think our stores, if they are worthy of our shopping efforts, will listen if we speak. Ask if the corn is GMO. Ask if the salmon is farmed or wild. Ask if the beef is grass-fed or has been given growth hormones. Keep asking. Do your own research. Find out why you beef needs to be grass-fed or corn should be non-GMO. There are other issues as well to attend to, but this is a good place to start.

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