Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Protein Powder Balls

Here is a recipe that I am trying to do by memory. When I was in Shaklee, I learned how to make peanut butter protein powder balls. I am pretty sure this is the recipe for them. I did look on the Internet and found some similar recipes, so if you use this recipe, and it needs to be firmer, use more protein powder or less honey. Use your own judgment and preferences on how soft or firm you want the protein powder balls to be.

1/3 honey
1/3 peanut butter
1/3 Juice Plus+ Complete® 

Combine ingredients with a spoon and form into balls. I would refrigerate them as they might be too soft if left at room temperature. Also, you can use any type of measurement. Whatever measurement you choose, just make the same measurement for each ingredient. I'm sure you can add variety by using chunky peanut butter or adding some chopped nuts. You could also add some oatmeal, but I would make sure it is refined or put through a blender or food processor. You can use the chocolate or vanilla flavor Complete®

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