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Cooking is Like Science
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Growing an Avocado Tree

  I am not sure if the avocado grows into a plant or a tree, but I have a seed from an avocado plant that I want to grow into a large plant or tree that I can have so I can grow my own avocados. Here is one web site that tells how to do this. Just be aware if you go to this web site that there are a lot of commercials on it!

Grow An Avocado Tree!

Grow an Avocado Tree!
There's nothing more fun than growing your own Avocado Tree!
"How do I do it?"
Open the avocado and remove the pit from the center. You can eat the fruit of the avocado, it's yummy and is full of nutrients!*
Wash the avocado pit under cool running water, you don't need soap to clean it. With your fingers gently wipe away and remove any of the green fruit that might be on the pit. Rinse it well and then blot it dry with a paper towel.

Carefully push three toothpicks into the thickest width of avocado, you want to push the toothpicks into the pit about a 1/2" deep. (It's okay if you push them in deeper or even a little less) The toothpicks will help suspend the avocado pit in water and keep the top part of the pit in fresh air and the fat base of the pit under the surface of the water. Be careful pushing in the toothpicks, they have pointy edges and could hurt if they poke your hands, it's all right to ask a grown-up to help with this.

Suspend the pit over a glass filled with water....the toothpicks will rest on the rim of the glass and hold the pit in place so it doesn't sink to the bottom. Always check the water level in the glass and see that the water is covering the fat base of the pit by about an inch depth. If the water is below that level you'll need to add some more. Slowly and carefully pour in more water from a small cup to avoid splashing. 
Read more at the web site. This is a good start though.

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