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Cooking is Like Science
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Best Natural Sports Drink Available Today

   With the different choices out there of the sports drinks, you might wonder which one does the best job. To start with, if you want something to do a good job, when it comes to your health and food, eliminate anything with sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives. That eliminates almost all of the types of sports drinks available today. So which one item is the best sports drink out there?
  Drum roll............. It is, coconut water. Why is coconut water the best sports drink available? First, Natural unprocessed coconut water doesn't contain sugar (except sugar which occurs naturally in the coconut). Second, Coconut water contains lots of electrolytes and potassium. The only point that the commercially made sports drinks have over coconut water is that there is more sodium in the sports drinks than in the coconut water. Sodium is necessary in sports drinks. But, you must weigh the factors. Coconut water is a safe food, whereas store bought sports drinks contain many additives.

  I originally studied this because I have to keep my cat hydrated. I thought one good way of doing this is by taking a syringe full of coconut water and squirting it into Precious' precious mouth. I squirted some in Frankie's mouth as well. Can't hurt, can it?

  The coconut water doesn't last around here. I could easily drink a quart of it. But if I did that every day, I would have to get another job to pay for my habit.

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