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Cooking is Like Science
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Juice Plus+ Is Made

   Trying not to risk the accusation of having a Juice Plus+ web site (or blog page), but I would like to share some simple information about Juice Plus. I don't know about you, but I have a lot of questions about why we do what we do, why we believe what we believe in, and why we eat (or don't eat) the things we consume. So, after selling Juice Plus for a couple of years now, I am taking some time out to find out more about this wonderful product.
   I have heard excellent reports from people who use Juice Plus+. It really does help to build immunity up to fight colds and sicknesses. It is not a perfect cure-all for everything, but it seems way better than having to take medication all the time.
   Here is a fact about Juice Plus, that comes from the Juice Plus web site. If you are ever interested in learning more about this product, go to . If you find the tabs that talk about the clinical research being done, you will find tons of research that has already been done and the results are in. One other thing that is exciting about Juice Plus+ is that many doctors recommend this product. Some of them would sell it if they were in a place where they could do that, and others do sell it. Juice Plus seems to have a good recommendation from doctors. Now for the fact:

How is Juice Plus+® made?
Juice Plus+ is made from fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, and is carefully tested to
ensure that no pesticides or other contaminants affect the natural purity of the product. The
fruits and vegetables are juiced, and the juices are then concentrated into powders using a
proprietary drying process that carefully maintains temperatures at levels that preserve as
much of the original nutrient quality as possible.
  Also note that Juice Plus+ does not have any sugar added to it! 
It comes in chewable or capsule form. 

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