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Cooking is Like Science
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home Made Peanut Butter

   I like to grow my own bird's food for her. Birds like peppers and all kinds of veggies that can be dried. If for no one else, I will grow food for my precious bird. But, I do like some vegetable products and one of them is peanut butter.
   Peanut butter that is marketed and sold in the stores has some undesirable ingredients added to it, plus preservatives and other additives possibly. But the real problem with peanuts that are raw, is that they tend to carry aspergillum spores, which are very dangerous, especially for birds. If I weren't so picky about what my bird eats, I probably wouldn't even know what aspergillum is.
  When I give her a bowl of food (I call 'manna') I pick out the peanuts that come with the rest of the seeds and pellets and toss them to the squirrels. (Maybe that's why my squirrel population went down!).  But when you make homemade peanut butter, you roast the peanuts first, and that will hopefully kill the bad spores.
  I want to grow my own peanuts and make my own peanut butter. I found a web site with some wonderful peanut butter recipes and pretty pictures of the finished products. Take a look at the pics of the peanut butter here and see what you think.
 Now, to be successful in growing peanuts. I grew them before, but this time I need to grow a lot. I have a Champion juicer which I can use to make the peanut butter with, although the recipe on the web site above uses a food processor to make peanut butter with.
  Next step is to plant a granary mill along the river in the back yard. I wish. I saw one last week and wish I had one. But I have an electric one that is an attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer. If I had enough room, I could grow wheat. Then I could mill the wheat and make bread. Then we would have homemade (homegrown as well) peanut butter sandwiches. I'll grow strawberries and we will have strawberry jam to go in the sandwiches. Maybe one day, all this will come to pass.

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