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Cooking is Like Science
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Need Oxygen

We need oxygen. Duh. Of course we need oxygen. But we need to have more pure oxygen. How do we get this pure oxygen and why is it important?
   In your science class, you may have learned that plants take in carbon dioxide, and release oxygen, and human beings take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants and humans depend on each other to survive.
   I think in our western culture, one of the things we do out of convenience, is to have our windows in our houses shut, and we let the air conditioning unit do all the work. I am not against air conditioning, but I have a feeling it takes away from our being able to get pure oxygen into our lungs. If you have an air conditioning unit, make sure you change the filters often.
   So, we should be able to open our windows and let the fresh air in, right? Yes, and no. Yes, we need the oxygen that is from the green plants outside, but we also have to remember that there is pollution outdoors as well. Some places have more pollution than others. Plus, there could be pollen in the air that would cause allergies to flare up, possibly. But all of this doesn't change the fact that we need oxygen, and green plants provide oxygen. So, if possible, let the fresh air in, and get the stale air out of the house.
   I have heard that good oxygen can also help a person sleep better. I am sure that must be true, but I would have to research it more to be able to say something more conclusively. Fresh air certainly can't hurt though. So, as a friend told me one time, if you are having a hard time sleeping, go outside and face the area where there is greenery and breathe in. Take in the oxygen produced from the plants.
   One other way to get oxygen into the house is to have green plants inside. I had thought about having an aeroponic garden in the house, not only for the vegetation, but also for the oxygen it produces.
   So, the next time the weather is nice, open the windows if you can. Let the fresh air be recycled in the house. Take deep breaths and enjoy it while it is here.

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