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Cooking is Like Science
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Why We Are An Unhealthy People Today

    We live in a society where many are sick. We have sicknesses that are new. We are developing conditions that were minor in the olden days. What is it that could be wrong? Why are the statistics for cancer, one in three women, and one in two men? Why is diabetes out of control? Who ever heard of Alzheimer's 100 years ago? And yes, people did live long lives even back then.
     There were times when civilizations were wiped out, for example, the Black Plague. In early American days, there was an influx of immigrants landing in New York City, and many died from sicknesses, even at an early age. The Black Plague was scary because no one still can figure out how it spread. What would happen is that a person would get off a ship, and without even coming in contact with anyone, the disease would spread like wildfire. But the sicknesses we are facing today, are much different. Many of them are diseases of our own making. Some of them are exaggerated by our lifestyles. What is it that we are doing now, that is making and keeping people in a state of sickness or early deaths?
   Years ago, I saw a show on television, and I won't ever forget the picture. It was a picture of wheat fields being sprayed with pesticides. Do you realize how much pesticides are on our wheat? I thought back then that this couldn't be good. Every time I buy a bag of flour, I think of that time when that television show was on (well, maybe not every time, but often).
  Growth hormones are added to animals to make them grow fat and big. That big juicy turkey you ate at Thanksgiving was pumped with growth hormones to make it a big turkey. Growth hormones are added to other animals as well. I have heard that girls are beginning puberty much earlier than their moms did. Could there be a connection?
   Antibiotics are given to animals to prevent them from getting sick. There's one big problem though. Eventually, the antibiotics aren't going to work. Animals are kept confined until they are ready to be slaughtered. They stand in their feces and germs will grow on them, no matter how many antibiotics are given. But, they will come back and tell you that when the meat is in the process of being sent to the deli (or maybe at the deli) it is sprayed with bleach water to kill the germs. Bleach is carcinogenic, by the way.
   I remember reading of someone's sad story of how they lost their bird. They gave the bird an apple to eat. The bird ate the part of the fruit nearest to the core. The bird died. Apparently, there was enough poison that was applied to the apple trees that the toxin made it's way to the apple that the bird was eating. But the FDA will tell you that using insecticides is safe and not to worry about it.
   So, should we stop eating? No, but we are coming to the point where we will have to search for places that sell 'safe' food to eat. We are going to have to take it into our own hands and become responsible for knowing what our food is made up of and what is in it. Food that has been processed has, by default, lost a number of nutrients. But they are added back in, supposedly. It is called, 'enriching'. But the enriching is not the same as having the original vitamins and nutrients in it. In fact, they are probably synthetic versions of the nutrients.
   So, why are we so sick as a nation? Why are so many gluten-intolerant? Why so many allergies? If you know the facts of what's going on and can make connections, you will see why instantly.
Our ancestors ate food without chemicals and worked hard.
They did quite well. 

Have you seen the video of the McDonald's hamburger?
Because of all the preservatives in it, it was preserved for
months when kept at room temperature. A normal piece of
meat would have decomposed in days. Do you want this
meat in your body?

Could there be a problem here?

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