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Cooking is Like Science
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Heads Up For My Vitamin Taking Friends If You Are 'Flushing' Take Heart!

    There is a saying that goes like this; We learn something new every day. Well, today I learned something new and I want to share it with you. I want to share this with my health minded friends (I know there are a lot of different ways of thinking of health care. I am talking specifically with my friends who take supplements and vitamins.

   I was about to finish my dinner when my neck became very hot. At first, I thought it was just a hot flash. But in seconds I knew this wasn't a hot flash. I felt like I was on fire. My neck and shoulders were now burning. I asked my husband for help. Maybe we should call 911?

  I was pointing out to my family while we were eating dinner, that our dinner was a 'safe' dinner. Almost everything we ate was organic, or at least natural. So, was I suffering from a food reaction or allergy? Whatever it was, it was spreading down my arms, and eventually went down the trunk of my body and into my legs and feet. Was it food poisoning? I was concerned, because I had used some raw cream that was a little old. I don't think it was bad though, but I could have been wrong. Maybe my body was reacting to it. Maybe I had food poisoning from it. Why weren't any of the other family members affected like this?

   This seemed more like a reaction to something I ate, rather than food poisoning. The only thing I could think of was the seasoning I put on the potatoes. I looked at the ingredients and it was a just a bunch of common herbs and spices. By now, I was almost beet red. It looked like I had been to the beach! I had also posted a message on Facebook seeing if anyone would have any idea of what this could be.

   Lo, and behold, someone came up with the bright idea that it could be niacin and asked if I had taken any. I had taken some a couple of hours prior to dinner. I went to the bottle and read what it said about 'flushing'. Flushing could occur when you take niacin. Sometimes, you would become itchy. I finally concluded that I must have had a 'flushing' reaction from the niacin. I have never had anything like this before.

   But it gets better. I decided I will not take niacin again unless it was the non-flushing kind. But I was mistaken. According to this video, flushing is a good thing. It is part of detoxing. I had no idea. Detoxing is desirable and taking niacin can result in it. So, I will keep my bottle of niacin and continue to take them. I may have another 'flushing' session tomorrow or the next day. It's ok. I will come back to normal within an hour or so. So, if you start turning beet red and feel really hot, chances are that you are flushing. If you are flushing from taking niacin, take heart. It is a good thing. If you suspect you are flushing from something else, please see a good health caretaker. Or do a google search on the Internet. Use wisdom and be safe.

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