Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Great Product For the Circulatory System

      Here is a page that gives the results of research that was done using Juice Plus Vineyard. The results were amazing after the subjects had a high-fat meal. The results of the placebo group were about the same as the beginning of the research study. The group that used the basic Juice Plus capsules had better results, but the group that used the basic Juice Plus, and the Juice Plus Vineyard had the greatest change. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Four weeks of the JP-V combination blunted the detrimental effect of the high-fat meal (􏰁47.5 􏰀 23.4% at baseline vs. 􏰁1.7 􏰀 9.7% at four weeks [p 􏰂 0.05]). Four weeks of JP alone had a similar beneficial effect (􏰁45.1 􏰀 19.7% at baseline vs. 􏰁16.6 􏰀 10.3% at four weeks [p 􏰂 0.05]), whereas there was no substantial effect of the placebo. In the subjects treated with supplements, concentrations of serum nitrate/nitrite increased from 78 􏰀 39 to 114 􏰀 62 􏰄m/l (p 􏰂 0.02).

I have two doctors of mine who speak highly of Juice Plus. I also have personally heard from several people who are taking Juice Plus and are happy with it as it helps keep the person healthy and they do not experience getting sick in the same way that they used to. Pictured below is the Vineyard, which was the one used in the test to determine its effect on the heart and circulatory system. In order for a person to be in good health, the blood vessels and arteries must have 'elasticity'. This helps protect the blood vessels from having cholesterol build up, thus helping the blood to flow more easily. This is exactly what Juice Plus vineyard is good at! It is good for the circulatory system of your body. 
If you go to my Juice Plus page, you can find information on the clinical research being done and results of the effects of taking Juice Plus. Juice Plus Info

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