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Cooking is Like Science
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Banana Flavored "Junket" Pudding

This is real similar to the Junket pudding I used to have as a kid, but the real Junket doesn't come in banana flavor. The banana extract was Watkins brand, but it was imitation. I didn't realize that until after I brought it home and opened it up. I will make good use of it, but will not buy it again because it is not pure. If you can find pure banana extract, definitely use that instead!

Banana Flavored 'Junket' Custard Pudding (Copy Cat Recipe Type)

2 cups whole milk
1 1/2 Tbs. fructose ( I used Stevia)
1 tsp. vanilla ( I used banana extract)
5 drops liquid rennet ( you can get Rennet at a health food store)
1 Tbs. cold water

Set out 4 or 5 dessert dishes. Combine milk, fructose, and vanilla. Heat to lukewarm ( about 115•F). Dilute 5 drops of Rennet in 1 Tbs. of cold water, add to warm and stir for a few seconds only. Pour at once while still liquid, into individual dessert dishes. Let stand undisturbed 15 minutes. Place in refrigerator to chill. Source: Malaka Brand liquid Rennet.

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