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Cooking is Like Science
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Swimming Safety Tip Derived From A Life-Threatening Experience

  I know this is a little late seeing that it is almost the end of summer vacation, but I figure, better late than never.

   I think I could really like swimming, except for the fact that when I was around 8 years old, I almost drowned.

   Once a person goes through the process of almost drowning, they will be much more cautious around water.

   Here is how it happened: I was in a little pool, probably about two feet deep, at the most. My mom watched us like hawks around water, and rarely ever took her eyes off us, but this one time, she went into the house, possibly to answer the phone. I was folding up my legs inside a doughnut shaped float, and rolling around like a wheel on the water, only it wasn't working out very well. While my mom was in the house, the tire shaped float fell over and I was stuck inside it and couldn't get out. It was terrifying and I don't know how long I was under water, but it was longer than what it should have been.

  My mom came out just in time and pulled me out. As a result, every time I see a doughnut shaped float it reminds me of that event.

  Parents, please watch your children while they are in the water. It only takes a couple of minutes for them to drown. Even children have drown by putting their heads in a bucket of water. Even the best of swimmers can drown, if they get caught underwater.

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