Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wheat-Grass Full of Valuable Nutrients

Ever since I have heard of the value of wheat-grass, I have wanted to grow my own. If you go to a typical smoothie store, you can have a shot of the juice from wheat-grass at an additional cost. After all these years, I finally gave it a stab.
  I took a used ice-cream container, and put holes in the bottom. Then I put garden soil (organic) in the container and added the wheat berries that I picked up at a health food store. Sadly, the wheat berries stayed in the bag for many months before they were used.
  I watered my new little indoor garden and viola, I had authentic wheat-grass growing in my garden. It sprang up quickly and now I guess it is ready to use. I will cut some tomorrow and put it in my smoothie for breakfast.
Wheat-grass growing in plastic container indoors

I was looking at a web site on wheat-grass and it's nutritional value. According to Dr. Oz,  it is a catalyst for making red blood cells. Wheatgrass also contains the minerals you need to have, especially iron. Iron is important because it helps to prevent anemia. Wheat-grass is also vitamin rich. Here is the url containing information on the health benefits of wheat-grass:

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