Cooking is Like Science

Cooking is Like Science
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cell Regeneration and Juice Plus+

Every once in a while I get into this mood to study the effects of Juice Plus+ on the body. I was doing a little research on the Internet and came across a site written by Joyce Handler, Psy.D, QNMD, and I will post it here. I was looking specifically for information on how our cells replenish themselves every 90 days. Juice Plus+ has a wonderful effect on our cells and I want to post something here on it. If you are interest in ordering Juice Plus, or learning more about it, please go to my web page at: . I would encourage you to look at the clinical research that has been done on Juice Plus. It is amazing how getting the proper nutrition really does affect our health. We don't  realize how important it is for us to get the proper nutrients into our bodies, and yet we see people that get very sick, almost every day and we never make the connection. It's time we start reversing the bad effects of our bad eating habits and get back to taking responsibility for our health. It's not too late, and Juice Plus can help. Here is an excerpt from the article written by Joyce Handler:

"I have some great news for you! Since you're now going into your 3rd month on Juice Plus, your blood supply is starting to turn over, which means that the Juice Plus+ is going to be working with your new blood cells to make them cleaner and healthier. And this is just the beginning of the cellular regeneration process with Juice Plus+, because every 3-4 months, you will be going through yet another cycle of new blood cells, and each time the Juice Plus+ works with the new cells, they will become even cleaner and healthier than they were the last time. The same will be occurring as each cell of your body is being replaced. That's why people keep reporting improvements on Juice Plus+, anywhere from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 2 years, and beyond!"
So there you have it! Just what I was trying to explain, but done by someone more knowledgable than I. 

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